Bugs on the Roses!

I received some salvias that I ordered first thing this morning. The plants look healthy and I need to find homes for them, as well as what we find today in the garden centre. I have been told to choose a tree!

Need to work out how to entice Red to eat these beasties!

It’s complicated by having to drop a child at a Cruella showing. And we found a lot of bugs on the roses. These have definitely benefited from the hard pruning we did in September and March, but bindweed is already regrowing after the cull a few WEEKS ago.

We stopped at Jordan’s Mill for a Food and Craft Fair.

But two trees purchased, delivery this week, so I guess I will be digging and weeding for the week. Plus a couple of little plants, two purple sisyrinchium and a bush lilac clematis, will need to find homes. I am going to dig a bed somewhere in the centre of the grass. I have some ideas… It was a day when we drove around (covering Beds, Herts and Cambridgeshire) and through lots of picturesque villages in a throwback to twenty years ago when the soft top would be down, only now the car is family sized! We had 2 enormous ploughman’s salads for lunch and I’m not sure I can eat the barbecue we have planned…

Jordan’s Mill protect the cabbages with fine mesh netting.
So many to choose from but we ended up with a weeping crab apple and a Victoria Plum.

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