It’s an Eclipse!

So many types of grasses growing in the spot between the greenhouse and the clothes line! I’ve spent 40 minutes and haven’t touched it! Worst thing being the seeds fall off as I pull or put them into the brown bin. I am aching all over from falling over some of the bricks as I tried to hang some washing yesterday. So my NoMow experiment was a resounding disaster. Put that suggestion into the furnace please!

But the good news from the orthodontist I saw on Monday is that I don’t need a root canal surgery. I can save my pennies a little bit longer, though I don’t know yet whether my dentist agrees. I was told a mouth guard to stop grinding my gnashes at night will stop the pain? I need to find out why I am grinding my teeth? No, I have an idea why for sure. A mouth guard may cost a lot too? I need to be working… more on that later! People have been helpfully sending me links to home selling opportunities but I despair at those too! Been there, done that, been burned.

Behind the cloud…

So the clouds are hiding the eclipse which is still burning a hole on my retina for the few minutes I saw it. That’ll be my sun gazing done for today.

Do you see the bricks? Not grass…
These grass seeds are pretty!

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