Am I too Superstitious?

Or has this been the weirdest of times? Less than three weeks till a supposed relaxation of all the rules, and already the Government is saying they might add two weeks… And I was going to hex it all by posting about going to Knebworth Garden Show in a couple of weeks! I was going to post on FB to see if anyone fancied coming with me? Open Gardens is soonish too but maybe like garden centres these will be allowed to open, as they are mainly outdoors and gardening or garden visits are good for morale? We gardeners don’t tend to congregate round the alliums chanting sectarian anthems? So it’s not like a sporting fixture, is it? And a lot of gardeners have been shielding, or have been vaccinated like myself, so let’s keep fingers and toes crossed that we can go. if you are interested! 27th June and 20 gardens on the list!

VegUpFront: can I offer out any of it?

I have been pulling out sedge grass, couch grass and weeds aplenty too. I need to work out whether my Veg Up Front needs distribution soon as some of it has flowers and some has grown exponentially with the rain/sun we’ve had. I’ll go investigate.

Is it wild or is it a cultivar? Looks like a marigold! But it’s fox-and-Cubs, a weed!

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