That’ll be my new term for ‘the Internet’s down’! I am writing this and hoping it will at some point be wending it’s way onto the www highway! I have spent forty minutes yanking and teasing and getting attacked by measly weeds. Hubby is offline too, so it must be bad. So much for our digital environment. If this was our old house there would be outrage, but I can’t really complain. If I am going to be on adhoc hours then the garden will surely benefit. It’s going to mean I become the Superwoman of quick change outfits. Repeat after me: I must not go out in muddy garden clothes, I really don’t think that is acceptable work wear. Though if I remember correctly I was interviewed by a man in a tracksuit…

Brambles! Buttercups! Are those poppies or weeds? The rose we moved looks poorly…

The weather has warmed up and it is quite pleasant in the dappled shade. However, the weeds are huge! There is more than there ever was, and because our shed plans keep changing, the weed prosperity is probably similar to when we moved in. Although, our neighbour says she popped in occasionally when the house was empty. She seems to like our flowers as much as her Zen-like calm next door. However, weeding probably isn’t her thing either.

Squashing the weeds I want to get rid…

So I keep popping out to pull out teasel and buttercups which although very pretty are not growing in the right place AKA a weed. The odd bramble or wild rose thorn makes its way through my lightweight gloves but the tougher gloves are way too sweat-inducing beyond May! I make it my aim to not spend all my income on the garden but when most of my money goes on paying off credit bills spent on the house, it’s a bit of a vicious spiral.

There’s a lot of this? Is it a weed? I don’t think I planted it but do I want it?

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