Wet Bank Holiday?

My least favourite type of holiday… I can feel the utmost dismay over a damp dreich holiday weekend… visiting a garden? Not much fun in the rain, and having suffered through the ‘bring ten bags with baby gear’ stage, we now have teen/tween differences to negotiate before we can plan anything. Add to that the prebooking of most sites and COVID testing, going to a beach seems almost simpler? (I jest! Who am I kidding?) Living in the most land-locked of the ‘shires’ involves at least an hour and a half to even smell fish ‘n’ sea aromas. And the last beach trip took 40 minutes queuing to be able to park a good 30-minute walk to the beach.

Going to a garden centre is also a bit of a no-no on a bank holiday, as they get mobbed with everybody planning the last summer adjustments to their gardens. Truly not my favourite of garden places on a holiday either.

I have officially worked my first day, collected my car permit and my staff ID so let’s see where the next six months take me? I never saw myself in a marshal role but four years of invigilating have given me certain knowledge that led me here. 20 hours per week is the kind of hours people lust after so I have to try and make it work for me. If the days are too much I can always sleep the rest of the week? (Now I have had weeks recently where I have done that so it’s almost not funny, and it’s a horrible side effect of MS, or allowing MS to take over!)

I better go and see what the plans might be? As they probably think I am sleeping, not blogging! Friday night? Time for a gin!

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