Rain gets in the way!

I have planted four more trugs between rain showers. The mini plugs – salvia officialls, aquilegia vulgaris, delphiium elatum – that arrived through the post have helped me fill the trugs with the two gogi shrubs and the two osteospermum.

4 Trugs

It wasn’t dry enough to spend long outside and I can see lots needing tidied. I added lots of gravel and the granules which hold water to keep the plants hydrated. And it’s rained a lot today so the plants have gotten a good wetting.

Acquilegia everywhere!
Sticky willow provides the background.

We left the grass in a no-mow May ideal but I can’t stand to leave it any longer. Poop patrol arguments ensue… and the battery depleted really quickly. Think the lawnmower shops will have a lot of mowers in for repairs if everyone has grass as long as ours after only two weeks! Buttercups and dandelions and daisies gone mad!

Carrots and Brussels sprouts growing well!

I hope it is drier tomorrow so that the remaining plugs get places to grow, but there are a couple of yellows and pinks to locate. They might look good with the dark tulips? Definitely I can do a bit of clearing again. Housekeeping is the biggest task in the garden I keep saying… I mean it!

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