So much to plant!

I have a free day tomorrow as I have no work shifts, so the purchase of four new trugs wasn’t inappropriate today! They were a bit cheaper than the ones I bought last week, but I don’t want everything to be identical really. I also have the possibility of a teenager to entertain as her school has just been in touch. So many teachers have been vaccinated today that there is a danger they won’t have a full complement to teach tomorrow but they won’t know ‘til the morning…

May Showers!

Rain has been happening daily for the last few days, making my plants happy, as I am not an avid fan of watering if I am honest. Potting, planting and watering tomorrow.

Life is never dull in the post-Lockdown Britain. And it’s been interesting to read about the lack of attention the British Press has shown to the online articles by Peter Stefanowic calling out the lies of the Prime Minister. 30 million people have viewed these articles. Part of my reasoning for being so gobsmacked by the result of the election last week was because of reading this. Hey ho, I can’t understand what I think half the time. Why should I worry about 30 million votes?

So I think tomorrow might need to be spent pulling out weeds (as it is very therapeutic to take frustration out on couch and long grass) and fill the green waste bin which gets emptied in the morning! Timing is everything.

Frilly tulips 🌷

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