Tiny tree is blooming!

I ordered a cherry tree for the front garden, and it’s already planted and flowering. It was a costly purchase for me, but it seems to like its new home. I just hope the ants don’t push it up. It’s a complicated position, my new round circle in the front, as there is definitely ant activity and the mares tail the front garden harbours is still trying to find a way to take over. Here’s hoping I have made inroads by pulling up the shoots I’ve seen over the last few weeks.


I received a notification of more plants to come; plugs I ordered a month or so ago. So there is more colour to come as well as the things that fell into some troughs I bought in a poundshop.

I added some bright pink ostespermum and some hemerocallis, and a zantedeschia. I am definitely rocking a dark red, deep purple and orange spectrum as well as as many blacks as I can. Am I a goth gardener? There are things appearing which I have to say I’ve probably planted, but they are slightly different to my expectations! The red acer by the greenhouse is accompanied by a plant with very gothic greyish purple flowers but I am going to have to PlantSnap them to confirm which plant they are.

Teeny tiny cherry tree in bloom!
Mystery plant is cerinthe major which I do remember planting!

Exciting times chez moi! Still lots of work to be done but my garden is starting to take on its current owner’s likes and experiments rather than perpetuate the previous owners’ choices.

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