Plenty to see here?

All the yellow daffodils are gone, but there is so much to come. Acquilegia is everywhere and peonies have enormous globes still to open. My dark tulips are not all open as I’ve been following gardeners on FB who are ominous about possibly getting frost damage. Not here please!

My Mother’s Day gift is sprouting!
Acquilegia out front
And growing in the cracks…

I love the possibility of more blooms and even think a little bit of golden rod or valerian (which I weeded heavily in October) will add to the density of the foliage and allow the garden to look lush! The front is definitely a improvement on the back at the moment as debris and detritus are in abundance. Lots of weeds seem to have moved in, which were not there before.

Newly planted…

Veg is growing strongly as I even have hopes for the things I thought were goners. It’s a lot of work for sure. A pleasure garden wasn’t built in a year…

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