Little steps, Huge LEAPS…

It’s wonderous out there in the garden. Household tasks managed and now it is time to get out and about. As much as we can given a stage of lockdown is over? Let’s not go mad! In the front garden I had another meeting with Gilly about Veg Up Front and I need to get some signs made for bulk bags of soil coming on Thursday and we have a work party to build the beds on Friday. A big sign saying ‘Soil here’ needed for the soil delivery. Find some poly pockets? That might be a step too far!

Just need to find some A4 poly pockets?
Lots of growth in the front. Some new, some I tried to lose…

It’s all happening for real and manure has already arrived. Funding has been received and we have room to take two big raised beds. I have gravel to make paths around the bed and to finish off some of the rough bits. I’d like to have paths around the beds. A sign will be made for the front which explains what’s happening. The Heritage wants us to keep the front green? Well, this is one way to do that!

I miss going to big shows!
This was GW a few years ago

I may need to strim the hedge at the front so that the beds get enough light. And fill the green bin pretty quickly…

Bird of Paradise flower just flowered in Alicante!

More info about Veg Up Front is available to Letchworth friends.

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