Lockdown ended and MY World went mad…

I got my phone screen fixed the other day. Probably ended my warranty but it doesn’t have massive cracks any more. I have a year before my contract ends but I am not sure I won’t throw it across the garden by then… touch sensitive screen is not as good as I want it to be.

Tulip season in LGC!

Work could be getting interesting again. More exams are taking place! Phone calls have been received which open up new horizons? And I have some deliveries and work to do on the front garden. I got some new little trugs to move gravel and they fill up a lot quicker when weeding than the old ones. The garden refuse bin was outside for tomorrow’s collection and I filled half with spiky hedge, ivy and privet. So an hour well spent.

Rooftop Views looking towards the sea. I wish I was in Spain.

I don’t want to bore you with hedge lopping photos, so I’m going to illustrate my blog today with illustrations of a garden near Alicante in Spain. The temperatures rise to almost 40 degrees so at least 4 degrees warmer than the maximum we get here in LGC. I’m jealous of the succulents they can grow and that some things we see in June/July are already blossoming.

This was growing wild so a cutting was taken! What a pretty flower!

There are lots of succulents and the flowers remind me of the travel round Spain I did with a couple of friends from University the year the Expo came to Seville.

Gazanias which only flower if the sun is out.

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