Found some more jobs to do…

Our garden is so much nicer with the gravel laid! All of a sudden weeds are going to be easy to spot and target! But we moved the garden chairs and realise how shabby they look and need painting! Ok my birthday wishlist is a new furniture set with waterproof cushions…

That was yesterday…

But it’s just been snowing briefly and I am worried the strawberry plants I was going to add to the trugs and planters we moved. Closer to the house means they are handy for cooking and eating. I planted coriander and basil in the last couple of weeks but they are yet to sprout. Patience m’dear!

TV showing seedlings 🌱

I’m watching Gardeners’ World while I write this. Yes available on iPlayer after it was bumped on Friday. Oldest is not happy that we are not watching her K-Drama but I am not keen! And then we chanced on a programme called A Year in an English Garden: Flicker and Pulse. Beautiful stop motion photography and lots of different varieties and plants. I dream of such a garden but it needs a team of helpers…

Finished edges with paviors.

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