Two Weeks’ School Holidays…

…aren’t over yet, as both schools have an inset day on Monday. As my youngest has set up Dad’s hammock in the lounge and hasn’t left it for 24 hours, I am not expecting that situation to change before Tuesday. We picked up some more bags of gravel (8, so quite heavy) to finish off the gravel areas. The car was handling ‘funny’ on the way back home, so c.120 kgs is probably about the maximum load of anything we can pick up. The kids are both grumbling about the pain they have from helping me unload the two huge bulk sacks. I am not in pain at all. But I can see the finishing bits of gravel will be my job.

Liner needs trimmed and link to path needs neatened.

As it’s raining now, my enthusiasm for being outside has disappeared again. It’s about par for an unplanned staycation when very little is open. Roll on Monday, and that inset day which adds to the holiday itinerary. I’ve got deliveries due and the following day involves a visit to the Orthoclinic to get my daughter’s brace checked/removed and for me to get told off if her cleaning hasn’t been good enough. I went through a life of bad teeth and I really hate getting a second round of angst and guilt from the dentist telling ME off for her (lack of) routine… Parenting!

Front raised bed with tulips and phormium.

I want to move some more things around now the gravel is down. We can move planters soon if we put them over the gravel. I’ve grown some flower seeds but they are the things (seeds) I don’t always succeed with. I need to fill some trays with the old seeds and see if I can grow those.

There is also stuff to skip if the council bins are open. Local FB sites constantly posting about the fullness of the plastic, metal, wood or glass bins. Life is ongoing despite the country being encouraged to mourn the Queen’s consort who reached the grand old age of 99. The BBC doesn’t seem to be able to programme anything but things about the monarchy now… they coped with a pandemic for goodness sake? Joyous end to our Easter break!


PS. I have welcomed more readers to date this year than I did in ALL of 2020! Welcome! I would also be grateful if my plants growing in the tubes are identified…

Some mystery seedlings🌱

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