I am bonkers?

Think I need to get some more gadgets for throwing gravel around… maybe a trip to my favourite Woolworths replacement or the building merchants, as the handles have torn off my weeding/rubbish clearing/sand/gravel movers. Wherever is cheapest? Backs aching already… that was about twenty scoops? Didn’t make much of a hole in the sacks. Lots more to go…

Not had much help from my holidaying tween or teen… oh well! I stand corrected! The oldest has almost finished it!

Speaks for itself?

Might have to go and get some bath salts…

Handle didn’t last…
Tulips hidden by trampoline

I don’t subscribe to employing under sixteens to hard work but fuelled by the purchase of ice cream and the incentive of working off the Easter chocolate, we have almost covered the area I bought the gravel for. We bought a new shovel (different from a spade) which made the teen keener to help. The tween has new school shoes and we had a cup of ice-cream on the way home. I purchased a couple of little trugs to replace the busted ones, and those are handy for weeding days in the garden and not so big I overfill them.

Hubby has been working and popped his head out to say hello and is impressed by how much has been done. The gravel looks good!

Almost done!

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