Stones came early!

I had put in my diary as three o’clock delivery but they brought it and dropped by 10.30. I’d only just got the black liner down. The side access is handy for this stuff and the guy was very helpful as to where it could all be dropped safely. But we now have two tonne bags (roughly) of gravel to spread out.

Huge crane! Helpful driver 😀
Liner laid!

I bought 14 metres of liner and it was just right by the time I cut it in half. Blusts kept lifting it so the bags are now holding it in place! Just resting and contemplating the distribution of said gravel. It might be hard work? Time for a cuppa!

The area being covered was originally concrete which was broken up by my builders to fit a soak away. I knew something was going to have to replace the concrete but it’s been two or three years in the process of getting the garden sorted. At least it’s not snowing today.

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