I ordered some big bags of gravel. I may regret this as I just tried to weed and tidy the area I want hidden by gravel. Lots of things are growing that shouldn’t be and now I am (slightly) regretting my purchase as I am short of funds… I should have used a flexible friend!

Even the beds I think have nice things growing need monitoring for weeds!

I filled the trug several times with weeds I hadn’t seen growing and think we need a serious weed membrane. I may have to visit the trading company shop or a local garden centre to pick up some large bits of weed membrane.

Paviors that are left need laying out…

I’m picking up some membrane tomorrow as the trading company is open tomorrow before I go to work. Life on the edge! The girls have been told to help me finish tidying tomorrow! Life is never dull in my world!

And on top of that we may imminently be receiving materials for growing vegetables in the front garden. Watch this space?

Hmm the trampoline may need shifting again!

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