Lavender planted!

I was always planning to plant along that path but the grasses ended up in the front garden surrounded by tulips and heucheras. I like the effect and I am tempted to search out some more grasses from that bargain garden centre again.

Festuca glauca or blue grass seems to like the front bed.

I’ve planted both sides of the path in a very haphazard way. It’s not symmetrical but to somebody glimpsing it, it might look that way. The more I think about it the more I want to intersperse some grasses. Ironic really as I’ve hauled out masses of wild grass, but the couch grass isn’t pretty. I’m refusing to go all out on weeds this year. I realise some of it can be attacked in regular sessions and I’ll sicken myself if all I do is weeding.

Tiny lavenders.

I’ve ordered a cherry tree but not heard whether it is on its way or not. So it’s a bit like the things I ordered in November, one of those may yet appear… not counting my chickens?

My black sambuca is sprouting!

It still feels like we are under lockdown but hubby went out to try and purchase some barbecue food and they’ve closed most things for Easter Sunday? Hey I did anticipate when I shopped on Thursday but even I don’t think everything will shut. Enjoy Easter everyone!

More fritillaries spotted!
Palest of daffodils.

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