I was warned of snow but it may miss us!

It will be coldest on Tuesday night but we may miss out on the snow threat! Can I do a happy dance? I bought some little lavenders and violas and I’m going to do a narrow bed up the side of my greenhouse path. I have so many ideas of things I want to do that it will be a new garden by June!

Clematis is really hiding in the Apple tree now!
My shadow is the only thing to reach those dandelions!

Gravel is coming on Thursday. I did order it and I am thrilled to think the worst part of the garden will be hidden so soon. I still have to do a tip run, or fill our tiny refuse bin ever tighter to get rid of the waste that can’t be recycled. We are running two recycling bins at the moment and they are two bins ahead of collection…

Broken egg shells. Was it left by a jackdaw or vermin? Or is there a baby bird around?

I think today is a busy one! Better get off the sofa! We have lavender and violas to plant!

Pruning has helped us see these pretty quince flowers.

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