Still planting Garden Loveliness!

I just went out and found another triffid, I mean peony, and I think it was a white one, growing in the front garden. I’ve planted so much recently I am thrilled to see it, the planting, coming up already. I was out in my bare feet in my garden snapping away at new growth.

Loads of tulips to appear!
Can you spot a triffid? Still needing weeded!

Other things were less wanted. Plastic gloves are still unpleasant reminders of our lockdown status, even two days after the most onerous restrictions are lifted. I wish we could go mad but it’s not over yet, the virus pandemic that we have all been starring in, making our own versions of the rules and in some cases, refusing the jab for fear of microchips! I don’t break rules as a matter of course, but I’ve visited a few supermarkets with a mask. I feel for people who have been even stricter than me, who are now faced with idiots who’ve flouted the rules at every opportunity. A friend posted about tantrums in her house when teens were refused ‘sleepovers’ as she has an extremely clinically vulnerable child. By the flip side, these kids all go to school together so it’s no wonder some people see that as the same thing. No, stay safe people!

I was in my bare feet!

There are tulips everywhere and it is April tomorrow even if the heatwave is fooling people. There’s still a snow warning (seriously?) and I still want to see the many tulips appear. Once the daffodils die back, I’m told. Well there are so many. And the blossoms on the hedge…

I’m still not sure what this blossom is? If it’s the spiky one it may be hawthorn but I can live without that! Ouch!


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