Landscaping the garden!

Work is in progress to get the ramshackle bits of the garden tidied up. After creating two steps out of our double doors with paviors and the path from the greenhouse there’s still a bit left over. I will move some more bits around and pull up some more weeds. I can’t shift the biggest logs but I need to tidy the woodpile the rat scampered through. Gloves on for that job for sure!

Soon we will be able to pull the protective strip off the door sill!

Housekeeping for gardens, that was often what it felt like when I worked as a gardener. It means that I realise that much of what is needed in my own garden is tidying and weeding. The grass does need doing again and that is never-ending. Administration for my blog was never my strong point either, but I am welcoming huge numbers of readers after Momentum mentioned my blog. You are all most welcome to watch my garden grow.

This needs culled! I didn’t plant it, it doesn’t give me joy, it’s in the wrong place so it’s a WEED!

I am hoping to be able to visit some of the gardens that have been closed over lockdown and continue taking photos which show the loveliness of nature. I will never be a ‘neat freak’ but I appreciate that the messy corners give some hope to ‘newbie’ gardeners who have taken on their own patches of ‘nature’. Send me your pictures!

Making dandelions classy?

Five years in this garden and this year more than most has seen me lugging lots of heavy stuff but even I know I have to pace those jobs. I have Easter holidays for two weeks, April starts tomorrow, and things are growing in the greenhouse. I could plant more to give me more plants, I have loads of seeds, and I could challenge myself to have little pockets of calm in all of the garden. The shed hit a hiatus when we realised we have to pay two organisations if we want permission to change our sheds around? We have already lost one shed but we need to check the legalities of replacing it… Heyho.

Chewed seedlings…🥺 was it a pigeon or a rat?


  1. I was one who found your blog by way of the article in the Momentum magazine. I’ve been living with MS for 23 years. I bought a new home a couple of years ago in the U.S.and have been busy putting in gardens ever since. The climate here is much more conducive to growing a large variety of plants unlike where I used to live. It has been an absolute joy to see this blank space slowly transform into the beauty of is becoming. Working in my garden is my main source of exercise and most days I spend a couple hours tending to it. It brings me such joy and satisfaction and helps a great deal with the spastisity and stiffness I have. I look forward to seeing your garden evolve too.

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    • Kimberley it is so nice to hear from a reader! I am not always sure my comments get back to you but here goes. I’ve always had a garden in the properties I’ve had, but my blog took off during lockdown and I was approached by Momentum last year. I was so keen to see it published! I will be pleased to have more dialogue in the coming months. I don’t always do the right things and I am addicted – maybe I can feature readers gardens sometime. My mums in Spain so her garden has been included!


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