April is here! Oh no it isn’t, is it?

I have a love/hate relationship with dandelions but look how it attracts the bugs!
Fungi grows all over the felled sycamore!
Blooms everywhere.
Hedge blooms.
Willows silhouette against blue sky.

I appreciate nature more and more the older I get. There is so much beauty around us, do take time to appreciate it. We don’t have to do work in the garden to appreciate how much we have at our fingertips. Some of the things I have planted over the last couple of years while recovering from my surgery are coming back into flower and I love them!

Not something I’ve planted!

I also spent time filling balloons with gold confetti last night. I never thought such a thing would come to pass but we now have confetti discs in every room and my oldest is refusing the hoovering task to get rid of them. I think we will be seeing confetti for ever more. Everyone needs a little glitter? No, well, I have to admit I didn’t expect the confetti needing pushed into the balloons before I blew them up. I’m also aware of the ecological damage these things can cause! But my daughter is only ten and this was her second lockdown birthday – so sue me for giving her some sparkle!

Regardless of all our efforts sometimes the weeds show us true beauty, more than we can ever plant!

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