Wishes do come to pass!

I’m not sure whether my husband reads my blog but he agreed to go and pick up some gravel!

It’s a trick to make the path look longer diminishing in width by the greenhouse?

So we have a sort of golden path to the greenhouse! I’ve probably overdone it but I used about four/five bags of gravel (not a minimal weight to throw those bags around, similar to the biggest bags of compost) and then used another on the wee side of the house path beside the slab we moved from in front of the double door. I also formed a new step in front of the double doors with some of the paviors.

Messy room exposed! And the sill still has protective strip to be removed… but we have a new step?

Leaving me two bags or so to finish off some of the links around the buddleia bed which was built two years ago and keeps evolving as materials get used up or moved. But I like this new gravel so maybe the tonne bag we need for the area we removed concrete from to build the storm drain, will be this flavour! Just need to see the final colour after a rain (not that I am wishing for that!) and have a think.

Still some left!
Starting to see the frills of my tulips ☺️

I am really tired now. We did do extra and the garden centre we went a little bit further to was incredibly busy. Lots of 4x4s in the car park!

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