Dawning realisations…

If we have a creature burrowing into the compost bin, there’s a good chance it has also been nibbling at things in the greenhouse? Especially when I left the door open a couple of nights! Naive newby alert! So my mini sprouts and plants were munched and probably my beans. And the plants in the greenhouse? All my poppy seedlings. Aargh!

I’ve just done a negative Covid test so I can work today. I’ve had a bit of work in March so April will be a bit more comfortable. Getting paid a month in arrears is the worst thing about any contract at the moment.

Polemonium looking good!

It’s nice out if a little bit cooler than the weekend. I need to stop dwelling on the invaders as we have had them come up the toilet before, and chew through the Sbend! We have five houses on the drain and we have to make sure there isn’t a blockage by our drive… the least pleasant aspect of home ownership is shared drains?

So to plan for my little ones second lockdown birthday. It’s hard when the shops are largely closed and I don’t earn very much, so I’ve been on to some delivery services and I have a few things to pick up. Plastic will creak quite hard afterwards. That’s why I rely on recycling sites for my garden slabs etc. If you see a shed local to me, pm me!

Negative lateral flow test!

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