Need to get myself busy!

So many jobs I need to do if I am honest. Needing to plant and weed, brush and sweep. Take some bags to the tip too! Lots of mess and we finally have bins back to normal after missing a purple bin collection. it is actually now the smallest bin we have so catching up wasn’t easy but the next few weeks of April/May are not normal collection weeks so I have a chance of screwing it up again.

But on closer inspection I think we have a serious rodent issue! The compost bin keeps being disturbed and I think there is new damage to the fence which could be bigger nasties than I had anticipated.

Pruning this has given us amazing blossom!
That’ll be a new tree?
Nibbled plants!

I saw a sleek grey creature attack the bird feeder my little cub had made and while I hoped it was a squirrel this latest discovery makes me a little scared of the rats we already had problems with inside the house… I thought the collie was showing a lot of interest with the back of sheds… eek! This is the dark side of gardening for sure. I must check the neighbours (with little kids) haven’t been visited too?

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