A little and often!

There was a lot of rain today but I mostly missed it while I was at the college. I managed to plant a few things when I got home as the rain cleared at about 2 o’clock. I did some clipping of bushes which were overhanging our neighbours drive. I don’t think they appreciate them taking hold of their drive. And the corner of the hedge was definitely needing cutting down so cars in their drive can see the road.

Work in progress but after the weeding!

I clipped those rowans and filled the green bin before putting it out for collection tomorrow. I was in Morrison’s for lunch supplies and I picked up a bee selection of plants (crocosmia, echinacea, listria, nigella) to join the ones from Sainsbury’s (freesias, sword lilies, and crocus). I really want the front garden to be prettier for longer as it’s always seemed a little flat after the daffodils have gone. Fingers crossed my crushed toasted egg shells will help to keep slugs and snails at bay! I’ve covered that new bed with eggshells. And sprinkled some cornflower seeds and the bee mixture. I picked up lots of empty snail shells so I think we are feeding something with the snails that feed on our flowers!

Have weeds, will be needing a new kneeling gadget… I am not going to become a gardener who bends at the waist from standing! I get too dizzy for sure! I will be hard at work clipping, trimming and weeding for the foreseeable. I also need to plant some seeds. Greenhouse will need attention tomorrow, and hopefully all children will be at school…

I’ve never really understood all the many saints but I’ll support St Gertrude 😌

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