The log pile is not moving…

At the moment the largest logs will go nowhere. Way too big for me and too ramshackle to move a bit at a time too. The first tree we got taken down is also in the way. Looking at it today the stump is covered in fungus. Very pretty if you like natural phenomena. I think it also goes by the name of honey fungus.

Gorgeous day for just enjoying what we have and trying to put rubbish for a junk collector in sectioned bags. It may alternatively take many trips to the tip. Not good at the moment I am told…


The back of the book shed has a rather large rat shaped hole which is rather ominous as it could be making itself at home in our books and bedding that stays in there. It looks like all of the four sheds need pulling down, not just the middle one? Anybody good at designing what we should do? Hmm… suggestions on a post card!

There are also a few saplings which could be the progeny of the sycamore or horse chestnut? As the grow in random places I will need to work out whether we can wait twenty years for them to reach full size. Hmm, no worries about the fertility of our garden! Just not sure how we grow the things WE want!

What do you reckon this is? As bindweed stems are hanging off it, the weed growth was too bad to notice this!

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