Tidying and trimming…

Today my smallest went back to school! Yay! Maybe this will be the start of a more positive period, and the garden is getting tidied more and more. I pruned a bush that tends to get ignored at the back of the garden and moved a few of the logs from the felled tree which haven’t been moved since the tree guys were here. It probably should have been done but with a poorly back, my husband hasn’t been able to do anything like that. I hadn’t really attempted it as the first few I tried were way too big for me but I can see I can do some of it and we need to try and tidy some of it before it rots…

Visited by Red today… moving the logs will have dislodged bugs?

I’ve been tempted to get a little chain saw that keeps popping up on my FB feed and attempt to clear some of the logs myself. I’ve always been a feminist, but I am realistic about my abilities at the same time… I may ponder this one!

I pruned some of the rose by the unidentifiable bush I was pruning so I hope we will get a super-duper display of roses. I’ve ordered a little set of perennials from an online place which I had poor service from last year, in an attempt to cover large swathes with perennials I have wanted for a while. Fingers crossed 🤞

I have filled the green bin again so I have been busy! So busy I was visited by Red, my friendly robin, who always appears if there is grub possibility.

… and after. Although I pulled away some of the straggly weeds round the rose.

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