March is only beginning…

There is a lot which needs doing, but I can’t help feeling a bit deflated by the idea that we can’t put up a shed in the garden if we don’t get permission from planning or the Heritage Society, so two payments! And it’s not going to be a posh shed, just a bit better for working in than the ramshackle garage… I should probably price it up to be sure.

But we’ve still got stuff to tidy! My favourite gardening task of all. Planting is a favourite task and I have lots still to do this weekend! I might fill some pots and get some eggshells dried to protect some plants from slugs. But maybe a job for when the kids are at school?

Trays in waiting…

Squeaky and I planted a load of lilies, an iris and some chocolate cosmos in the bed beside the apple tree. It involved a load of weeding out the couch grass and turning the soil over. The lilies were two of a dark one and three of a variegated, but we seemed to end up with nearly eight of them. Again I’ve planted a few varieties which seem to disappoint me by disappearing so watch this space! Maybe some delight this year. Pruned some dry sprigs off the hot lips salvia and the purple plant I don’t know the name of. Mum and MIL are needed to help I think!

Still to be planted…

Today sees excited planning for tomorrow’s lunch box by Squeaky. Curly is not going back til Thursday after a lateral flow test on Wednesday. So we can work on the chart of paid child Labour she drew up to get pocket money to pay for some more K-Pop merchandise (which isn’t cheap by the way!) and her parents have avoided saying we will pay for but it’s that whole pocket money issue that we keep trying to avoid… suggestions in the comments pls?

But it’s been productive this weekend and my spirits are a whole lot higher. Seed trays are waiting to be filled with little toilet roll halves and some of the trays we planted a few weeks ago which neither myself or Squeaky remember planting have started to shoot up! We shall have to be detectives and identify what they are! I subscribe to the rather unorganised forms of planting you see. Seeds we bought yesterday probably duplicate a lot of things I’ve already bought this year so we will need a compost run sooner rather than later to the gardening club shop?

Now has lots of lilies… will chocolate cosmos grow? Echinacea also planted.
Rather haphazard list of teens jobs… we have agreed nothing!

This bed under the Apple tree is so full of leaves I no longer know what is to be kept!

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