Will March be Mad?

It’s not looking like March will see an end to the locked-down world we have struggled with since Christmas. Home schooling is about to end, but that could all change in an instant! I admit that our day in the garden on Saturday felt good. I managed to start/finish some things on the list.

We all helped with various bits. Hubby pruned the roses and if I’m honest, I’m inclined to let him as they are beautiful in their time and place but I would happily yank them out! Not a fan and they don’t grow in a particularly nice way around the garden as some are neither in nor out of beds. The previous owner obviously loved them, but the children who sold on the house, laid grass over flower beds I think to make the garden seem manageable. So we have things growing through the grass in random places. And it makes me a little crazy to have bought fresh plants and to have forgotten ones growing randomly.

Pink and white cyclamen, as well as yellow primroses, growing through the lawn

We managed four or more of the jobs on the list and I want to keep at it tomorrow. The roses had to be cut by the end of February apparently, if we’d missed that window by running into March it would kill them off or something? But I am reminded that the best flowering displays happened two years ago when we pruned in February. Hopefully the squashed stripy rose bush from the sycamore being felled will recover after today’s prune.

I filled a lot of bags with ivy from the pillars and discovered some exotic fungus behind the shed. We also realised that the shed we want to build needs some form of permission from one of the organisations that dictate what is allowed in our rambling garden. Eek that may be costly! Despite it meaning that one old shed will be dismantled …

Exotic mushrooms!

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