Drugs don’t work…

Five days taking the prescribed antidepressants and I gave up… Not for me, these ones, and I was supported in that decision by my husband. I’ll just have to be more positive by the back door? And by that I mean the garden before you start raging about illegalities! I am feeling very lethargic but I’ve got to beat it and get off my couch!

First daffs!

I have lots to be positive about really. Schools are going back soon, I have another birthday to look forward to, and as well as our twenty-year anniversary, a wedding anniversary is creeping up too.

There’s nothing like a crocus or two to brighten the garden and our mood. I should get off me keyboard and get grubby, don’t ya think? Or should i go for feeding my tum with cake? I have lots of overripe bananas again. And lots of citrus needing juiced or something… wish I felt actively more energetic, as there’s no reason i can’t dot all those t’s and do it all.

I bought these…

It’s not freezing today so I will mull over jobs over lunch. I keep trying to get the lawnmower out but the jobs I delegate to small people have not been done so the lawnmower can’t be used currently. The collections from the dog ain’t my responsibility! I could do the front? Where there is definitely a load of dead foliage to clear and cut. Always something to do!

There’s plastic litter to pick up too!


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