Poppies n things…

The greenhouse is full of sprouts for sure, but it’s true I haven’t found my groove in terms of watering and planting out etc. Maybe we are on a cusp between the growth spurt and get them into the garden! I’ve done a bit of tidying in the front, taking bits of plastic from the beds and pulling out brown stems of last years’ plants.

Log pile…

Going around the garden, there isn’t a single area clear of jobs:

1 There is the pile of logs too heavy for me to move to even tidy them

2 Countless trees/bushes needing cut back

3 Moss needing scarified in the front

4 First grass cut of the year, front and back

5 Plants and bulbs I bought on impulse need planted

6 Laurel to be chopped right back (I have started but not got close to finishing this as I get scared of what might go there instead)

7 Weeding of raised beds under apple trees. And repair of walls around each

8 Clearing sawdust from herb garden. And making a new plan for this area now that shed is being re-sited

9 Moving slabs and laying cement to seal them

10 Getting large tonne bag of gravel for the area in between house and dad’s tool shed

11 Cut back the buddleia in the middle of the garden so we can move it

12 Cut back the holly in the front garden

13 Dig up more grass from the back garden beside where the new shed is going and re-site the silver birch

14 Roses all need pruning as when we did it hard two years ago we got the most beautiful displays

15 Bags of rubbish to tip. I was going to stop at ten but this garden is ongoing. And I know the tip is constantly busy so it isn’t top of my must-do jobs…

I keep saying jobs are definitely going to be done. Cost and time keep fighting my plans. (Oh and cold and lethargy too!)

This bush needs culled! And the buddleia is being moved back here…

We shall be busy for the last few days/weeks of lockdown.

Things to plant!

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