Glorious day!

The sun is shining and things are sparkling. I’ve been feeling invincible since I had my vaccine and I think I will have to be careful as it’s only been three days since I had it. It feels like I am going to have a stinking headache. Which I could do without. It’s been a glorious morning and we walked through Weston Woods with the dog and chatted to a random dog walker.

I have bought more things for the garden from Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s this week. Including Spider lilies and astrantia. My forgetfulness seems to be ramping up, as I am having to go to more shops than I want to at the moment and probably more than I should but let’s blame the menopause shall we, or the MS, but not plain old age? I had a rant about the fact our supermarket shop tells the supermarket lots about us but despite the bank holding lots of info about us it can’t tell the supermarket I’ve been buying alcohol for decades and I don’t need special attention at the self-checkout to purchase a bottle of something sparkly!

Weston Woods is in our immediate vicinity and with walking poles it is not so vertiginous….

I am feeling my age and possibly vaccine side-effects but I’ll have something sparkly with dinner seeing as I can. I hope the said side-effects won’t come up and bite me on the proverbial. I’d quite like to garden tomorrow so I can brag about where my latest supermarket perennials are going to be visible. The front garden is still in progress, as the grass is mostly moss and not the only thing considered a garden if the heritage organisation ever question me… Yearly battles with the triumvirate of local weeds may commence tomorrow as those areas next to the neighbour’s fence are looking rather wild when I pulled the bins past last week. Berries were plentiful on our overhanging hedge shrubs. It’s only neighbourly to keep that in check while they let us use their drive for easy bin-moving.

Weston woods.

I’ve had to rest a lot this afternoon. I am so not sure what to blame. I’ve had a really lovely dinner and I’d like to think that after a night’s dsleep I will be ready to do a bit more weeding and tidying if we have another glorious day. I have lots to do, I just have to shake off the fatigue and spring out of bed tomorrow when the dog wakes us….

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