Minus 12?

Parts of Scotland are seriously cold, as are we, but I’m still not going out if I can help it! The kids are trying to finish school work, well one is, the other has taken on traditional teen behaviour in time for her second Lockdown birthday when she becomes a ‘ten-Ager ’. School are still letting me know she’s avoiding the logins, and I know she is fibbing to me so that she can do what she wants. It’s hard on the adults, so it’s ten times harder for kids….

Made shortbread from granny Bs recipe book…

I am struggling, to be honest, today. It’s hard to motivate myself and complete another task that I have left unfinished due to my strength/balance/motivation issues. I received one of those letters this week and it had ‘indefinite’ next to the benefit which made me feel strange as the award has changed in the current existence and soon no-one official will know, or accept, this particular three-digit code… which makes applying for stuff difficult. C’est la vie… 21st-century life!

Testing me to work!

The coldest half term is always tricky. I try to find activities that are cheap but now we shouldn’t even be going anywhere, not that I really understand what our lockdown status is anymore. I can’t stand watching another Covid update, after another which showed me the same rambling ineptitude of our Government. The scientists I applaud are the same experts who have continued to show us the science and you do get the feeling they think the Ministers are inept too. I really despair of the thought that this will continue for another year and I think I will be signing petitions if so. My sofa-slouching precludes me doing or going on a physical protest. As soon as the lockdown is over I’ll be down to the doctor to get anti-depressants or to the garden centre for a new tool/plant/magic weeder! Onwards and upwards? I’ll keep you posted!


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