Lots of growth…

My furry favourite and lots of other things too. Weeding is not simple in the apple tree bed now!
All of these pictures are from different areas. This should be daffs, but who knows… Can you see a spiky interloper? Or Two?
Take a deep breath and let it out SLOWLY…

It’s hard at the moment for so many reasons. We all have to make sure our friends, family and neighbours are doing okay. We have to also give ourselves a Pat on the back when we bite our tongue and don’t react aggressively to our constant companions. I thought the snow was here for a while but it’s all gone and I can get back out without my poles…

The remains of my herb garden has been covered in wood chips by the power saw on the horse chestnut that was felled.

And there’s lots of garden things to look forward to, for sure. There’s lots of brown leaves hiding those keen bright shoots of tulips, daffodils, and crocuses. I planted heaps last year. Buying as cheaply as I could, I bought online, in supermarkets, and in Wilkos. Retailers of all kinds have struggled so I did my bit to spread what little I spent.

If everything grows and wasn’t eaten by squirrels, then the garden will have a lot of interest year round. Hard landscaping is going to be done, but as slowly as it takes because the priorities have changed again and we’re still Not going out, officially till the middle of March, so plenty of time to cultivate, grow and WEED.

Thank you for reading. I will reply to comments if I see them. Last year I somehow missed a lot of the questions people had sent, and I had switched comments off when I was using a different gadget which had a different viewer, so I’ll try not to do that again…

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