A moment to accept Not Going Out!

The snow may thicken, and I must accept that I will be either staying put on the sofa, or shivering in the greenhouse? Hmm tough choice! I might dry out some pepper/tomato seeds as we have a few of these going a little bit off.

Pepper seeds!
Tomato seeds drying on kitchen roll!

‘I see a pattern: you both U-turn so often you spin on the spot. That must be why you never move on’ Michael Rosen

And that’s from a letter in the Guardian. The poet is highly critical of the Government and having had a painful dose of long Covid, he has every right to be sceptical of the whole ethos of ‘herd immunity’ espoused by the out-of-touch PM and his inept Ministers.

I’ve seen lots of rants by people not accepting the lockdown and I can only say Britain was never going to do ‘hard lockdown’ with the option that was first offered. Most naysaying people, who have not lost loved ones, think they are invincible to a mild case of ‘flu’ but I’m not prepared to chance my arm. I may have had it and my daily dose of Vit D and immmuno-suppressant drugs may have turned it into a minor case but without a test in June, it was impossible to diagnose beyond an MS relapse.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the next few weeks bring but after dinner prepared by my smallest, I am enjoying life being snowbound.

I saw a creature raiding this yesterday! Think it was a squirrel (hope so!)

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