I have found snowdrops! Plural! I planted so many bulbs last year it’s exciting to see some flowering. All of my gardened areas are covered in green shoots, and I know some of it requires weeding. But it was snowing today and after shifting heavy slabs about my energy hasn’t lifted to move from the seat closest the woodburner!

Wood burner is on!
Snowdrop amidst a tangle of leaves, including Japanese anemones…

But flowers in January is exciting! And the prospect of thousands of poppies in the greenhouse, and lots of other things to plant.

The white dots are galanthus! 😀

There is a lot of weeding to do! And given the gems I’ve spotted the weeding needs to be done carefully.

I shall also search out my aubergine seeds as I spotted on another site to start those early. Dates on packages are only for guidance after all, start growing things as soon as you like?!?

Steamy greenhouse windows!

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