First in my gardening life: IN THE SNOW!

I shifted a bit of concrete around today! I have been harping on about not having materials to lay slabs! Well there is nothing to stop me laying them out? Feel quite tired now but the slabs are in position. I laid three rows outside the living room and three slabs wide path across the area being used by bike-wielding teenager. Feeling a bit more accomplished and not so useless at heavy things. I revealed a lot, and I mean many, many, many, and relieved a lot of garden spiders of their winter webs! Eugh!

However just as I moved probably the last one I was able, it started SNOWING! I might be bonkers even being out in January but nah, nah, I know when to give up! Hubby and youngest had taken the dog out so I guess they may come back with snowball tales unless they, too, call it a day.

Just need some gravel! Do you think a one-tonne bag would do?

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