Last Year I was Full of Optimism!

Looking back on my posts of 2020 I was full of optimism. I had ordered slabs by March. Only yesterday I actually laid the slabs roughly where I want them. I want gravel now, but I am being cautious and not spending the money yet. There are bills, anniversaries and birthdays to consider in the first quarter.

But money doesn’t make itself, and although my ideas and desires don’t seem costly, sometimes a bulk purchase is necessary. I will be sleuthing around recommended sites and suppliers to see if Lockdown 3 will make a big bag of gravel achievable. Perhaps it’s an anniversary present! Always welcoming a recommendation, please.

Snow hides weeds!

On the garden makeover shows currently they seem very keen on the sand/tiny gravel/cement material which needs compacting. Not keen if I am honest, and slate chips are only of use in the areas the dog can’t get to, so I will be looking for 20-30mm pebbles which apparently don’t attract cats. (Not sure this is a problem here but we do definitely have some small animal visitors; rats, fox and possibly squirrels. Something fights in the dark, lifts/moves the big gravel and digs up plants on the front garden.)

I still want to get rid of stuff in the front garden. Holly is difficult to grow but it’s in the hedge type planting, which sadly has a break where weeds grow and I’ve tried to fill in with alternative plants which are not hedge. The front hedge is a mishmash collection of bushes and Ivy, and also mares tail which I battle with every year. I’m not sure whether continuing to overplant the mares tail is helping to weaken it or not. One of these days I will approach an expert and get some advice. Local friends, any names to suggest?

Snow covers the mess!

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