Not quite getting out?

Some of the gardening I am doing now is preparation and some is wandering about trying to spot new growth and damage. In the front garden a cyclamen has been dug up and knocked over. Was that a squirrel looking for bulbs? I planted loads of tulips and I’m wondering whether the uplifted plant is a sign of a hunt for my bulbs? There isn’t obvious shoots in that little strip so I am hoping my tulip spend last year hasn’t disappeared up a tree?

A random but very pertinent point.

Late afternoon yesterday I’ve been out and turned the soil in the beds but today it looks too wet for me. I’m still a fair weather gardener but I have new things to plant. It may be too cold still? But we’ve not had the snow that has fallen in lots of places. Landlocked Herts! And we’ve had an appalling Covid19 count in the beginning of January as we bleed into Metropolitan areas where the Tubes terminate. I hate thinking about it but it’s always omnipresent and is curbing 2021 for sure.

Life goes on and birthdays and anniversary’s abound in the first quarter of the year. It’s 20 years since my husband and I went on our first date, which in the spirit of that age, went through Piccadilly Circus, arthouse cinema and a Chinatown banquet! Golden memories.

My supplies 😊

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