A kebab and a jab?

Least overgrown bed…
Most overgrown bed w couch grass!

I heard this on telly (The Last Leg) and it made me chuckle. Apparently the government are going to 24-hour provision of injections for vaccines. Would I, or anyone in the UK, go in the middle of the night to get a vaccine? I really don’t know. Three million jabs have been delivered apparently. Not sure where they are on the age groups either but people keep saying confidently they will be done by March… Hey 24-hour delivery will only happen if the centres are not 45 miles away. Currently our NHS centre is Stevenage in a building I’ve actually driven to so feel fairly confident I can get there by day? By night, less keen.

Onions which are not soft!

It’s threatening to be snow over the weekend so I intended to get up and get some pics quick in the morning and see if more bulbs are popping up? But I didn’t and the snow warning has been lowered. I am needing to weed some garden veg too I have been told. Hey brown bins are still needing filled. They accepted that waste last week despite my thinking we only paid for 9 months of the year. Keep filling with things we can’t compost! I probably need to turn the compost but I’ll put that job off as long as poss…

I bought some more beetroot seeds and onions which I shall try and do tomorrow. (Can I grow onions again in this bed? Or do I need to grow new things?) can I make something with the onions I’ve dug up? Soft ones were chucked.

I had a lovely zoom catchup yesterday with university friends (so longtime friends) at opposite corners of the UK and it’s made me realise how difficult the last year has been for everyone. Hopefully the injection will change things soon…

This bed has parsley!
This couch grass is strong…
This bed had sage! Will give it another troweling when I’m planting.

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