Welling Up!

I do spend too much time online but I have been suffering from ‘emotional lability’ just reading about elderly people being so grateful to get the vaccine. Hey one of my friends got it yesterday as he’s ECV. I’m not in the highest clinical category, as I think I mentioned, but things are definitely looking up if people are getting their jabs. The numbers in the news are over 4 million so it’s not shoddy, only 50 million(?) to go. I’m not including kids in that as I know the kids are not getting it as much. However with kids off school we just have to hope the outcome of lower educational levels won’t affect them too badly. My daughters’ schools seem to be handling it well.

We have had zoom calls about this and that and tonight is about my oldest daughter’s GCSE choices for Year 10. Luckily she seems very clear on what choices she wants to make. I am not sure what it all means! We’ll find out tonight!

Today is cold but not as wet so I’ve managed to potter. Hey I’ve even hoovered, so not as inactive as I’ve been. I even got out and picked up some seed trays while collecting a book for a birthday coming up fast. Deliveries here on Friday so I think birthday of my oldest is covered.

It is colder than yesterday. And tonight we zoom!

Ok let’s do this on a quiet day…
Too cold to do proper planting! I crave lots of things growing!

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