Desperately seeking heat…

‘we have subscribed to your blog’s email notifications, it’s quite the soothing read…

That was the nicest feedback I’ve had since starting my blog. I know sometimes I go off my subject but I try and connect to the main subjects as I go along.

And I am shivering a lot in the start of the year. We ran out of firewood… and it’s too bleeping cold to make any more. Well not make but chop and despite buying what I thought would be a useful gadget, it’s for kindling and not the splitting of logs…

We picked up two bags of logs from the nearest garden centre but I’ve not rationed them correctly apparently, despite having a funny spell this morning, (maybe my Tecfidera?) I am now shivering a lot! Not much cheer for January but it’s always like this? Brexit, Covid and Tory incompetence will just add to the gloom.

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