Planting and weeding!

That’ll be the start to VE Day weekend and I have been baking and gardening. One of the beds at the back of the garden next to the painted shed has had a few weeds pulled and some more plants added . I sprinkled in some burnt umber cornflower seeds for good measure and some peacock orchids.

That’ll be a spectacular allium almost out
It’s kind of unorthodox but the bricks were lying around…
Red has been very keen on my weeding and hovers very close for bugs
Strawberry tart

A couple of salvias and a polemonium sit to one side and I threw in some cerinthe on the other side. No idea what will grow but I am seeing other flowers coming up that I planted last month so I am getting lots of pleasure from my lockdown gardening for sure.

I am hoping to get slab delivery tomorrow (if they haven’t forgotten it’s a holiday…) And I have made some flapjacks and strawberry tart so I am feeling rather proud of myself! Holiday weekend here we come!

Upwards and onwards with lockdown

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