Home is still where we are…

May is a month of holidays and so we will be looking to spend our time productively if not going anywhere out and about… I want to keep up the momentum on trying to dig up and plant as much as I can. Weeding is paramount in the garden as the weeds I hate are growing so fast at the moment. I wish my mum was here as I’m sure she would be happy to help now the garden has changed but she knows what weeds to pull out…

The best May flowers are coming out. The veg beds and greenhouse trays are bursting into life. I am sure we will eat something homegrown this year but not sure it will be all of us.

Home under curfew is odd. I would love to jump in the car and drive somewhere beautiful but I know it’d be my luck to hit traffic cops and not have my valid excuses to hand. The garden is my haven but I am feeling hemmed in, not able to escape… Though the talk is of lifting the restrictions and I am perplexed that this is so soon. I haven’t gone much more than halfway through my 12 weeks… hey ho The science is changing everyday!

Alliums are on their way…
Grasses needing pulled…

Weeds are an issue, but my daffodils and Scilla bulbs have come to an end. I will have a full amount of weeds to fill the brown bin after it is collected and before you say compost I really don’t want compost to include any of my triumvirate of prehistoric weeds. Those are going straight in the household waste at the moment.

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