Time off doesn’t happen…

Gardening and cultivating seeds is a daily thing now and it’s hard to get as motivated as you need to be. Seedlings especially are needing watched to make sure they don’t dry out. Our water butt has refilled so keeping them topped up with rainwater hasn’t been an issue. If we need to use tap water would it be an issue?

I’ve planted some sweet corn, spring onion and beetroot seeds into the raised beds. I’ve gone a wee bit mad in the light of successfully growing things so far but I am going to need some compost soon so will be watching for garden centres being allowed to sell things locally. I saw a neighbour get some delivered last week so I know it is happening.

I’m not sure how we can be thinking of sending our kids back to school before a twelve week closure has happened and I only ask that because we have only been at home for seven weeks? I am not sure anybody knows…

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