After the rain…

Lots of fresh things to report in our garden. Yay! Garden waste collection starts again in a little over a week! Double yay! Slabs for the garden are getting sorted this week. That is exciting too but I am not as full of energy as I’d like and MS things are getting in the way. A plan to go for a family walk didn’t happen for reasons I won’t blurt out on here but it’s irritated me no end. We are supposed to be limited to one exercise per day but my body doesn’t work on schedule with everyone else.

Roses are appearing on the pruned standards.
Almost fully bloomed.

I have spotted one Rose we didn’t cut back so the blooms will be sky high literally when they come out.

Escaping roses…

I’ve also decided to try and grow some more seeds. I bought some spring onions I might try and sneak into the raised beds and I will try to buy some more compost if garden centres will deliver? I have never bought so much since we have the greenhouse.

A bit of pink which might have been compost by now if the waste collection hadn’t been stopped.

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