Chucking it down…

Wet, wet, wet… and not my favourite type of weather. I braved a walk in the rain taking my little pink pullalong, and came back with flour, butter and a gardening magazine! Which means seeds! I am not having the most productive season, things are growing but some most definitely are not. But some seeds are taking root. So I’ll keep trying when I can to add to, and take a lot away.

I’ve just opened my gardening magazine and the offers include 2 for 1 entry to 461 gardens (shame such a lot are closed) which would have been most British gardeners birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. It’s valid for a whole year however… And the seeds are my colour of plants by that garden company I bought earlier this year, apart from one or two glints of pink.

I noticed locals are taking the initiative and offering garden waste taken away. A grab bag (like the one the topsoil was in) collected for £30 I saw today. Herts council collection better start up or the refunds required will have extra invoices added!

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