Online ordering!

I really have got to stop! I have been paid for a few days of Invigilating last month and it’s so easy to buy things online. Some things arrive quite quick and others not so quick. A note for plant buyers, some of the less popular plants may arrive more quickly as the nurseries will want to avoid their perennials from getting ‘pot-bound’ and shipping them out as soon as you order them. I’ve got some lovely polemoniums and salvia very quickly so bear that in mind?

I went out to the front with said polemonium ‘Heavenly Scent’ and dug up some dandelions and weeds to add my little plant. Mares tail is coming up all over the front so that was an extra ten minutes work as well as talking to my neighbour who is cultivating the white cosmos for me. I mentioned how well the cucumbers and courgettes are growing and she said that often tomatoes and cucumbers don’t grow well in the same greenhouse together. Well that might explain it? And then the rain came on.

I still dream of my home office in the garden with more plants growing on the shelves…

Horse tail (mares tail) is a prehistoric weed!
Pricked out cucumbers!
Not sure I’ve planted these little pink flowers…
Spot the weeds? Mares tail comes up when daffodils die back.

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