There’s been Rain!

Today was a turnaround day. We had gotten into bad habits and maybe the warning we got yesterday was ample to buck things up a bit.

Iris in the rain…

We have done a few more things we are meant to do today! I have been out and picked up some more seeds as I wasn’t really up to gardening in the rain. It was necessary to actually monitor home school today but we have made some strides forward to a routine. I did manage to hit the afternoon shop without my purse but that’s a story for another day: to laugh over dumb things we did under lockdown?

I did my first drawing (of the dog) with my youngest and we will do some more I am sure. A reward for schooling… I might send Ss picture to school for the head’s gallery? to show we are doing fun things…

Potatoes garlic and onions.

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