Growing well…

It truly is a sign of potential growth when leaves appear after so many weeks of doing nothing. We might have some squash! And we might have more apples than last year as there is a mass of blossom on the tree that grew very few apples last year.

Luckily it’s labelled… on the squash side.
Rhubarb patch and … weeds needing cleared. Couch grass and dandy’s!
Porridge for brunch 😋

The gooseberry bush underneath is looking healthy (unlike the other one behind the wheelbarrow which has become spiky tumbleweed.) We have lots of alliums in bud. My neighbour has offered me some white cosmos which I have accepted so I hope we can get those soon. I have been protecting myself from heavy digging till my pulled muscle recovers. Lots of trees in bud which do need pulling now before we have too many too close to the house.

Gooseberry bush among other things….
Rowan trees growing in places they are not wanted…
This might be a silver birch from a cheap purchase in a supermarket a few years ago. So it is deliberate, if cause of contention…
There are trees here we want to stop in their tracks!

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